PDAC has been in continuous operation for nearly 50 years, prior to 1998, as the Colorado Motorcycle Dealers Association. At the outset, a small group of forward-thinking Colorado dealers realized that a motorcycle trade association would be a necessity in the years to come as local, state and the federal governments passed more laws of increasing complexity. Having a media spokesperson and a dealer-driven forum to discuss challenges facing the industry were further considerations.

This belief has proven itself to be true, as decades of new and proposed laws and regulations have often posed serious threats to the profitability of the retail powersports industry in Colorado. With few exceptions, the diligence of PDAC has successfully turned back these legislative and regulatory threats to the industry.

Additionally, PDAC has served as the media spokesperson for powersports dealers. When reporters come calling, and they always do, PDAC shoulders the responsibility of placing the association’s position before the public, politicians and bureaucrats, utilizing facts and effectively mitigating the problems that rumor or hysteria can cause. This public information function is critical to the image of your business and the health of the industry statewide. Of equal importance is providing a network and a forum (PDAC board meetings) to discuss timely issues and prepare strategies to cope with them.

Each year, PDAC's Executive Director and lobbyist reviews literally hundreds of proposed bills and tracks dozens on a daily basis while the Colorado General Assembly is in session. Each year, several pieces of proposed legislation, some as long as 240 pages, pose real and direct threats to the profitability of the association’s dealer members. PDAC has defeated nearly every piece of negative legislation proposed over the years and keeps track of new legislation that could harm its dealers. PDAC is your legislative and regulatory watchdog!

Once again, PDAC defeated all negative legislation and kept track of legislation that could have been amended to seriously harm the dealers. Please remember we are speaking of a four month legislative session and over 600 pieces of legislation!

For example, when Colorado required personal injury protection as part on no-fault MV insurance, PDAC not only had motorcycles excluded, but defeated 8 attempts over 10 years to amend the no-fault statute to include motorcycles. Is no-fault a huge problem? Legislation in Delaware included motorcycles and dealers lost 50% of their street bike business before it could be repealed!

There have been many, many other successes including stopping the following; a motorcycle lemon law, a surcharge on motorcycle tire disposal, mandatory health insurance for motorcyclists, a ban on 2-way communications on motorcycles, attempts to raise fines for motorcycle dealer violations, lowering noise emissions to levels motorcycles could not meet, inclusion in the Front Range Clean Air Program with requirements that could not be met, and more.

PDAC also takes a proactive stance when looking to benefit its members. In 2007, PDAC promoted and helped pass franchise protection legislation for off-road vehicles and has recently been responsible for successful legislation leading to titles for off-road vehicles.

Prior to 1987, little was done to assure public lands stayed open to motorized recreation, especially under withering pressure from environmental organizations to lock the public out. Four months before the Blue Ribbon Coalition was organized PDAC waded in with Colorado's existing off highway vehicle organization to form the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition. This organization has relied on PDAC for direction with PDAC's executive director serving as chairman for many years. COHVCO has had many successes and PDAC has been right there from the start.

PDAC led the fight to pass the Colorado OHV Recreation Act in 1990. To date over 10 million dollars have been raised for trails! PDAC's executive director has served both as chairman of the State OHV Grant Subcommittee and as chairman of the State Trails Committee. The stature of the powersports industry in the eyes of State and Federal agencies (and even among radical environmental groups) has risen dramatically with PDAC's leadership.

Safety is always an issue for our industry. PDAC drafted and spearheaded the legislative movement to create the Motorcycle Operator Safety Training Program. Once again, PDAC's executive director served on the MOST committee for 6 years helping to insure proper implementation. Rider training graduates have grown ten-fold since the passage of the legislation.

One of the latest threats that will have to be discussed and addressed is the proliferation of big box stores and auto parts stores selling scooters and OHVs without their manufacturers or dealers being licensed in the state. This is a code red. Also, as more and more states move to title OHVs, PDAC will, with the active participation of its dealers, find a viable solution to this issue that can benefit all concerned.

All of this, yet there is much more that can be accomplished and PDAC is ready to move with your support.