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Why you need the Powersports Dealer Association of Colorado.

Lobbying: This is an important effort for every organization serving the Powersports industry. We live in an age when special interests and well-financed opponents of the Powersports industry can and do threaten our livelihoods and lifestyles with legislative and regulatory restrictions. The Powersports Dealers Association is working to ensure your needs are met and obstacles are addressed before they become problems for our industry. 

Regulatory Watchdog: All of the Powersports dealers in our State, its suppliers, consultants and associated vendors have a vital and on-going stake in how the State legislature, various government agencies and other interest groups affect the fortunes of our industry. Our industry requires an effective watchdog organization to protect the interests of Powersports retailers and, by extension, the multitude of related organizations that serve the dealers and/or reach their ultimate customers through the dealer's efforts. PDAC does this for you.

Public Land Access: Issues and concerns that could affect the overall strength of our industry will be addressed by PDAC. Some issues that have been addresses and are in the process include the return of PIP-no fault insurance legislation, a movement to title ATVs and snowmobiles, the reform of Colorado franchise laws, restrictions on the sale of ATVs to minors and the continued vigilance regarding OHV riding in the state.

Dealer Assistance: PDAC also facilitates solutions for many of our most frustrating business problems, including internal and external security, personnel and purchasing.