Instructions/Checklist for Powersport Vehicle Dealers

The process for applying for and receiving your powersport vehicle dealers license is relatively easy IF you are already a licensed motor vehicles dealer. If you do not already have a motor vehicle dealers license, go to the Colorado Department of Revenue, Auto Industry Division website at

If you are already a licensed motor vehicle dealer, please click here to download and print the PDAC Helpful Hints before proceeding through the following checklist for applying for the new powersport vehicle dealers license. The PDAC Helpful Hints will help you figure out what forms you need to fill out and how to complete them so that you can quickly and easily apply for your new powersport vehicle dealers license.

Application (DR 2109) - complete all requested information.

Click here to download the DR 2109 form. Fill it out and print.

Addendum (DR 2109-B) - Each owner, partner, LLC/LLP members, stockholder (5% or more), director or officers must answer all yes/no questions on the addendum and sign on the signature line. Make additional copies as necessary.

Click here to download the DR 2109-B form. Fill it out and print.

Franchise Agreement - If applying as a franchised dealer please ensure that the manufacturer is licensed to do business in Colorado. You may ask them for a copy of their license or contact our office. If the manufacturer is licensed you must provide a letter authorizing you to sell their product.

Bond - Please contact your bonding agent to request a bond rider. The bond rider needs to amend your existing bond and number. The bond rider must include language that states that the bond will also cover "powersport vehicles". Attach the original bond rider to your application.

Click here to download some sample bonds that can provide your current bond company with the required language for the rider.

License Fee ($325) - Check should be made payable to the Department of Revenue

Affidavit (DR 4679) - Each owner must complete this form for lawful presence in the US. Not required for corporations, LLC or LLP.

Click here to download DR 4679. Fill it out and print.

Copy of Identification - Each owner must attach a copy of their identification to prove lawful presence. Corporations, LLCs and LLPs are not required to provide verifiable ID. Please review emergency rules in order to understand what constitutes "Proof of Lawful Presence".

Salespeople - Please attach a copy of each salesperson's license (top portion of the license) that will be selling under the new Powersports License.

Salespeople selling under the new license must also provide a bond rider amending the language to include "powersports vehicles". Contact your bond agent for the rider. Attach the bond rider to each sales license.

Mail in the Complete Application Package - Be sure to provide the state with two copies of all application forms and supporting documents. Mail complete application package to:
Colorado Department of Revenue
Auto Industry Division
Denver, CO 80261-0016
For questions or inquiries, contact Jerry Abboud, PDAC Executive Director at 303.421.6255 or Bud Heinrich, Licensing Supervisor for the Department of Revenue, Auto Industry Division at 303.205.5729.